NamelaType is a type foundry based in Magelang, Indonesia operated by Nur Syamsi and Bustanul Arifin. Interested and focused on the harmonization of Latin and Arabic fonts. The challenge is need to find sophisticated solutions for both languages are to be equally weight, shape and style on the opposite directions of the respective script flow, to live up to our own as well as the readers expectations.

Nur Syamsi

Graphic designer who likes vector types based in Indonesia. He has loved drawing letters and Arabic calligraphy since he was a child, studied the basic rules of Arabic calligraphy at the Islamic Boarding School and Graduated from the Indonesian Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta. When he met GlyphsApp in 2019, he started designing his own typography, and was enthusiastic about harmonizing latin and arabic fonts.

Bustanul Arifin

Graphic & Type designer based in Indonesia, currently working to produce typefaces. He interested in lettering and handwriting script since on high school, especially on classic script.

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