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Aligarh Arabic Font, The Eccentric Arabic Font that Revitalizes Antiquity Sense

Nur Syamsi and Bustanul Arifin demonstrated how far they can produce creative Arabic calligraphic fonts in accordance with the Latin version they designed. It usually requires effort and time to create consistent thickness with a certain kind of serif for typefaces. But, they both pulled out an antique Aligarh Arabic font in this modern era, based on the slab serif characteristics and square Kufic calligraphy.

What Aspects that Make Aligarh Arabic An Antique-Look Arabic Serif Font?

First and foremost, when you look at the Arabic glyphs there is a consistent and repetitive circle and square strokes in each character’s structure.  As a result, this Arabic typeface looks bold and round, simply representing classic geometric typeface attributes.

However, referring to the Aligarh Latin typeface, the Arabic font version also incorporates slab bracketed serif. The bracketed serif type generally has the upper edge tapered and round.

Specifically, serif fonts are known to provide great legibility in horizontal reading tracking. Still, the distinctive transition between the thin and thick width is indicated as a distraction from its readability, especially in small-sized utilization.

Although the contrast in each character’s line and stroke of the Aligarh Arabic typeface is less, the minimal bracketed serif stroke width clearly provides a visible contrast between the character’s beginning and ending. Its rounded edge serif is rather more subtle than the usual bracket serif. 

Altogether, those attributes actually offer a harmonious legibility and readability of this creative Arabic typeface, even in small-sized. The serif as adornment is the main element that fetches antiquity to its whole design.

Additionally, when you observe the individual letters, they certainly have the Greek letters impression, which just emphasizes a yore tone. Whereas each of the glyphs is connected and forms the Arabic text, you will obviously get the square Kufic imprints which represent a contemporary craft.

By having the antique vibes ensemble the contemporary look, this Arabic script expresses its strong personality and versatility, in terms of utilization.

Design Options to Integrate Aligarh Arabic Typeface Family

Aligarh Arabic version comes in ten weight styles. You can choose from a thin delicate hairline variation to the fluffy weight version or one in a thick black tint. The black and extra bold is the best pair to make eye-catching display settings, like logotypes, signage, and headings. 

The thin, extra light, and light styles are prettiest to create a short and concise message in pull quotes, social media posts, chic products hang tags and packaging (apparel or accessories), stationery designs, and wedding invitations. 

Otherwise, light, regular and medium sets are quite strategic for longer types of body copy, such as ads, web banners and web fonts, books, and magazines. Don’t worry about the serif, since in this Arabic version, it only strengthens this typeface personality and presence.

Broadly, a creative Arabic typeface like Aligarh Arabic font is a fabulous option for design projects related to branding materials. You can adjust the styling structuring using various layers of weight style to yield a certain mood and tone in accordance with the brand identity.

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