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Resalaty Arabic Font, Elegant Taste of Arabic Script Typeface

If you tend to love some typeface that can bring a classic atmosphere with a personalized touch, you surely have to take a meticulous look at the Resalaty font family. Our typeface creator, Nur Syamsi, embodied his vision in creating a pair of Latin and Arabic fonts, hence releasing the Resalaty Arabic font online on February 21, 2021, in NamelaType.

Deeper Delve to Resalaty Arabic Font, A Casual Arabic Typeface

Script typeface is a versatile font style that typically brings different moods, ranging from easygoing, friendly, and warm to formal and sophisticated tones. The writing instrument plays a significant role in establishing the tones and modes.

This Arabic font is a pair of Resalaty Latin typeface versions that have generally thin and narrow strokes in their character sets.  It’s noticeable that the terminals are mostly thinner in weight and width compared to the letters beginning.  Thus, it produces slightly the contrast that represents the character of the handwriting font style.

You may think that script or handwritingfont usually comes in a decorated manner, with cursives here and there. Yet, this typeface does not necessarily offer the ornamental aspects.

Accordingly, the feeling that comes within the Resalaty Arabic typeface tends to be genuine, humble, and casual. Yet, it also has a classy vibe in it, especially when you incorporate them with the Resalaty Latin in one place.

The fact that the creator designed this script font using a pen as the font design instrument explained why the strokes and contrast seem to be quite loose. Even though the character’s appearance is narrow, you can still tell which character is what and which one is uppercase or lowercase.

Despite coming only in one weight style, the regular variation has extensive ligature glyphs for Arabic letters with appropriate readability. The kerning is also proper, providing a feasible legibility, especially when the characters connect to one another.

Through the extended horizontal strokes and solid circular lines, somehow, the overall look of Resalaty Arabic reminds us of the Nastaliq calligraphy style. However, the Arabic typeface version of Resalaty has its own authenticity with more straight lines rather than oblique or slanted ones.

What Kind of Design Product Match this Arabic Font?

Bear in mind that, basically, script typefaces in casual style are suitable for products that need an informal look yet offer intimacy. Some may use them as text-face elements for ads, flyers, and brochures.

Certainly, the Arabic version of the Resalaty typeface is a lovely pair for text in photography, pull quotes, and even a business card. But when you combine it with the Latin version, they can create a harmonic text style for apparel, blog post subheads or citations, and web banners.

The Resalaty Arabic font will certainly produce dazzling text on book covers, wedding invitations, and web banners. 

For a more extensive utilization, do not hesitate to consider properly combining this font with other Latin typefaces and create an eccentric logo, product packaging, labeling, poster, or social media post.

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