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If you tend to love some typeface that can bring a classic atmosphere with a personalized touch, you surely have to take a meticulous look at the Resalaty font family. Our typeface creator, Nur Syamsi, embodied his vision in creating a pair of Latin and Arabic fonts, hence releasing the Resalaty Arabic font
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Namela offers you a new version of Madani font, which comes in Arabic glyph version. However,  you can see that the Madani Arabic font delivers a set of quirky character shapes. There is somehow a similarity to the earlier Madani font despite being a Latin font. Kufic in Geometric Sans Font Style: How
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Nur Syamsi and Bustanul Arifin demonstrated how far they can produce creative Arabic calligraphic fonts in accordance with the Latin version they designed. It usually requires effort and time to create consistent thickness with a certain kind of serif for typefaces. But, they both pulled out an antique Aligarh Arabic font in this
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